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Collboration on Survey about Plagiarism

  • 1.  Collboration on Survey about Plagiarism

    Posted 07-01-2020 16:29



    My colleague Victoria White and I are disseminating a global (English-language) survey about plagiarism-an important topic for writers and editors. Writers must avoid it and editors often recognize it. This survey is intended for those who write, edit, and publish research/nonfiction content in academic and professional arenas (eg, in English-language journals, books, or other publications).


    The purpose of the study is to:

    • Explore current global differences in defining and approaching plagiarism
    • Identify existing training and education about plagiarism
    • Understand unique pain points regarding plagiarism


    Would you help us by taking our survey? As members of SSP, we believe you would be valuable participants who could give us insight and knowledge about current and best practices related to plagiarism at your institution and in your country.


    By clicking the link (which redirects to a published Google document), you'll have the opportunity to select the appropriate survey (and read more about us and background information):


    The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. You will have the option to request the aggregated results at the end of the survey. We hope the results of our study will help promote nuanced discussion of this complex topic.



    Andrea Klingler and Victoria White

    Andrea Klingler
    Silverwood Editorial & Communications, LLC
    Drexel Hill PA