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Read the landmark report, "The State of Altmetrics"

  • 1.  Read the landmark report, "The State of Altmetrics"

    Posted 10-06-2020 14:13

    Dear colleagues,

    In honor of the tenth anniversary of the Altmetrics Manifesto, Altmetric has published The State of Altmetrics, which explores a decade of innovation and growth in the field.

    Contributions from leading thinkers including Euan Adie, Lutz Bornmann, and Zohreh Zahedi explore topics including:

    • Ethical uses of altmetrics

    • Using machine learning to improve altmetrics

    • Altmetrics as "sensors" to detect the spread of disease

    • What makes researchers more likely to use altmetrics

    • Predictions for the future of altmetrics

    You can read the report on our website.

    We'd welcome your thoughts on the report and reflections on your own experiences with altmetrics over the past decade-please do share with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

    Kind regards,

    Josh Clark, on behalf of everyone at Altmetric

    Josh Clark
    Marketing Manager