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Upcoming DCL webinar -- Accessible Publishing: Remediation and Planning

  • 1.  Upcoming DCL webinar -- Accessible Publishing: Remediation and Planning

    Posted 07-21-2020 14:52

    Just wanted to be sure everyone spotted that Maverick Publishing Specialists & DCL (Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc.) are teaming up on a webinar next month. I'll be joining the fun, to speak on my experience with Accessible Publishing: Remediation and Planning.

    Description pasted below -- sign up before seats are gone,, and I look forward to seeing you there!

    "Improving web and content accessibility is more achievable and affordable than ever before thanks to advanced technical systems and content markup. Publishers can move beyond the view of compliance as a requirement to a place where accessibility is a standard part of the publishing workflow. 

    "This webinar, featuring Lettie Conrad from Maverick Consulting and Mark Gross from Data Conversion Laboratory, outlines the prevailing content and web accessibility protocols and accessible publishing standards across industries." Webinars | Data Conversion Laboratory


    Lettie Y. Conrad
    North American Editor, Learned Publishing
    Publishing & Product Development Consultant
    Southern California