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Society Street 2020: Embracing the Mission

  • 1.  Society Street 2020: Embracing the Mission

    Posted 12-22-2019 07:22

    Dear all,

    Thought these events might be of interest for those of you working in and with societies, particularly in light of recent OA developments. Please share with colleagues who may be interested.

     The events will be run on March 26th, 2020, Washington, DC and June 10th, 2020, London, UK. (

     Full press release here:

     Summary below:

     Renew Consultants is supporting a new event in the US for leaders – and future leaders – of societies and associations. Society Street will bring society leaders together for a day of discussion, debate, networking, and information exchange, that is uniquely focused on the whole organization.  We have been working with societies helping them build their strategies for the last 15 years and we have found that the strategy for publications cannot be separated out from the rest of the organization and is increasingly merging into strategy for a society's membership, conferences, community and mission. As societies plan for a future where there is added pressure on publications revenue, working holistically across society activities will become a key to success.

    Sam Burrell, Programme Chair said "We recognise that societies are facing a whole host of difficult decisions. However, we are also seeing many societies using these challenges as an opportunity to re-evaluate their organisations and create new ways of engaging with their communities. Societies who are able to bring together publications, meetings, governance and membership teams to meet a common goal are finding they are reaching and serving their communities in a more effective way. We think we have delivered a conference programme which will spark optimism and excitement about the future". 

    All the best and Sol Invictus,


    Sam Burrell
    Programme Chair
    Society Street Conference
    Society Street 2020: Embracing The Mission
    Washington, D.C. – 26th March 2020
    London – 10th June 2020
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