SSP 2018 UK Regional Event

When:  Jul 5, 2018

Humans, AI, and Decision Making

Data and AI are two key buzzwords in the scholarly publishing industry right now.  But why?  And what are they?  Need some insight into how, as publishers, we can make use of all of this data to help us make better decisions?  Come along to SSP’s Summer UK Regional Event on 5th July in Clerkenwell, London to hear Isabel Thompson, Senior Strategy Analyst from Holtzbrinck (and winner of the SSP Emerging Leader Award 2018) give her insights into this area.  As well as polishing up on your knowledge, this is a great opportunity to network with other scholarly publishing professionals.  To accompany this great talk and networking will be beers, pizza and wine.  Who knows – we may even end up continuing the evening in one of the local pubs!   Please register and come along.

Lightning Talk: 
You Can Only Choose What You Can See
How in all situations online we're presented with just a few objects (papers, journals, articles) out of a massive catalogue and how that actively shapes our decision making.


Mads Holmen, co-founder and CEO at Bibblio 

Mads Holmen is co-founder and CEO of Bibblio, which offers a content recommendation service for publishers. Mads is passionate about making knowledge discovery simpler and more rewarding for all publishers, authors and readers. His company embraces the transformative power of AI, and he's a strong advocate for the ethical use of algorithms. Mads is working to encourage a web that will focus on quality, diversity and empowerment of individuals.

05 July 2018
6-8 pm 

Clerkenwell, 20 Jerusalem Passage, EC1V 4JP (Nearest tube and rail: Farringdon)

Registration fee: £5 or $5.89 USD
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