2018 SSP Webinar: Linked Databases: Publishing Research Data

When:  Sep 18, 2018 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)
Linked Databases: Publishing Research Data
As reproducibility is an important concern in scientific research, many publishers are starting to require authors to link their data and the resources used in their research to public databases. In this webinar, we discuss some examples of how publishers have successfully implemented this and best practices to encourage broader participation.

Wouter Haak, 
VP Research Data Management, Elsevier

Wouter Haak is responsible for research data management at Elsevier, specifically the Mendeley Data platform. This is an open ecosystem of researcher data tools: a data repository, an electronic lab notebook, a datasearch tool, and a data project management tool. Aside from his work for Elsevier, Wouter is part of several open data community initiatives; for example he co-chairs the RDA-WDS Scholix working group on data-article linking; he is part of the JISC Data2paper advisory board; and his group participates in the NIH Data Commons pilot project. It is all about the ‘R’ of FAIRdata: focusing on data re-use.

Prior to Elsevier, Wouter has a background in online product and strategy roles. He has worked at eBay Classifieds, e.g. Marktplaats.nl, Kijiji.it – in roles varying from business development to overall responsibility for the classifieds businesses in Italy, France, Belgium and Turkey. Furthermore he has worked for the Boston Consulting Group.

Anita Bandrowski, Ph.D. Principal Investigator, UCSD, Founder & CEO of SciCrunch Inc. 

Dr. Bandrowski started her career at the bench, studying auditory neocortical neurons, however during a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford, she discovered high throughput biology and databases, and worked on the Panther database for several years contributing to the emerging field of genomics. Dr. Bandrowski brought her passion of neuroscience and the new data intensive tools to bear on neuroscience data while contributing to and later leading the Neuroscience Information Framework project, a Blueprint for Neuroscience NIH initiative. While bench science is more like a cottage industry, the "omics" era requires rigorous standards to combine and make sense of data being aggregated, leading Dr. Bandrowski and her colleagues to lead efforts in the development of ontologies, and data standards. Currently Dr. Bandrowski leads the RRID initiative, a standard for publishing reagents and she became a founder and CEO of SciCrunch, the technology developed under the Neuroscience Information Framework in order to serve the scientific community improve how we communicate about reagents.

Justin Cherny, PhD, VP of Operations at JoVE

Dr. Cherny’s path to passionately working on reproducibility started with an interdisciplinary PhD in biology and computer science focusing on proteomics and quality assessment of peptide searching algorithms. From there, he joined JoVE, the first and only peer-reviewed scientific video journal, whose focus is on increasing reproducibility through video publication of methods. As the VP of Operations, he’s responsible for JoVE's Editorial, Video, and IT teams, and is continually motivated by JoVE’s mission statement, which coincides perfectly with his passion for interdisciplinary work, innovation, effective integration of new techniques, and the reproducibility of science. 

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September 18, 2018
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern Time
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