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Webinar on how PLOS uses taxonomy to drive business decisions

  • 1.  Webinar on how PLOS uses taxonomy to drive business decisions

    Posted 10-27-2020 20:28
    The next webinar in the series I'm working on with Access Innovations, "MEANING MATTERS: Practical Applications of Semantic Technology," is by a speaker whose title couldn't be a better fit for describing what this webinar is all about.

    She's Kristen Monahan, Senior Manager, Data & Insights, at the Public Library of Science (PLOS). Data and insights!

    Her talk is entitled "TAXONOMY BEYOND SEARCH: How a good taxonomy can facilitate valuable business insights." Kristen is not a taxonomist, she's a business analyst. She won't actually be talking about the PLOS taxonomy itself; instead, she'll be showing how she uses that taxonomy to drill down into the massive amount of content, metadata, and usage and process data that is PLOS for deep, detailed analysis and to drive business decisions.

    Much of this work involves trend analysis. For example, trend analysis of submissions can look at the time it takes from submission to decision by subject (narrow subjects like Covid, broad subjects like biotechnology), or by institution, or by country, etc. to see not just the overall big picture but where in their submission and peer review workflows the bottlenecks might be. A trend analysis of topics over time can prompt them to issue a call for papers for a topic they think needs to be better covered--and then look at both short-term and long-term trends resulting from that call to papers.

    Their taxonomy doesn't just make their content smarter--it makes how they publish that content smarter too.

    The webinar is at noon Eastern time on Wednesday, November 4. You can register here. Hope you can join us!


    Bill Kasdorf
    Kasdorf & Associates, LLC
    Ann Arbor MI