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Publishing Internship Survey - Open to non current interns

  • 1.  Publishing Internship Survey - Open to non current interns

    Posted 02-11-2021 12:27
    *You do not have to be a student or current intern to complete this - just someone who has ever completed a publishing internship!*
    #surveying #internship #publishing #research #project
    Throughout my time as a student and a young publishing professional in STM, I have been shocked at the number of unpaid positions available. Despite the prevalence of information available based on the demographic makeup of internships outside of publishing, I would like to attempt to include my own research specifically of the publishing industry in hopes to shed more light on how unpaid internships can impact an industry on a larger scale as well as touch on other issues surrounding internships - such as the quality of the internship, if unpaid internships should be considered legal, how race/class/gender and financial constraints play a role, etc.
    If you are interested, I would appreciate it if you could take this brief survey - it consists of 16 multiple choice questions, and will only take about two minutes to complete. Thank you, I appreciate it!

    This survey is anonymous and used only for the purposes of aiding my Independent Study Project for the GWU MA Publishing Program. To take the survey please click the following link:

    Megan McManus
    American Psychological Association