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Open Access Initiative: PodScholars

  • 1.  Open Access Initiative: PodScholars

    Posted Thu March 30, 2023 11:08 AM
    Edited by Jacklyn Lord Thu March 30, 2023 11:32 AM

    PodScholars is an open access initiative to promote and enhance the accessibility of published science via a video sharing platform. Designed for researchers, scholars, and experts to present and explain published research and for learners to engage differently in science. The PodScholars concept is simple, one published paper per one presentation/podcast.

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    PodScholars provides an alternative to traditional research dissemination methods of sharing PDF documents. The goal is to make research accessible and less intimidating for all people by providing a platform where science, from any discipline, can be discussed. A secondary goal is to help researchers develop a wider audience and help learners understand research on a deeper level.

    Features of the platform include: zero cost, open and unrestricted access, searchable database of presented research articles, links to retrieve the paper for further dissemination, creator library, creators own and control their own content, simple upload process and more. 

    For questions and comments, please contact Gabe Sanders at
    Gabe Sanders, PhD
    Professor, NKU
    Co-founder of PodScholars