Quick Connect FAQs

faq.png1. Who is eligible to participate in this program?
Any SSP member in good standing and any employee of an Organizational Member even if they are not one of the named member representatives of the organization.

2. What is the cost to participate in this program?
The program is a member benefit, and there are no additional costs for members or employees of Organizational Members.

3. What is micro-mentoring?
Micro-mentoring connections are short-term interactions that might range from a one-hour phone call or meeting to exchanging several emails over a short period of time. Not everyone is interested in a long-term mentoring relationship. Micro-mentoring allows professionals to reach out to others to get advice or perspective on a specific challenge or area of interest. 

4. How can I become a Knowledge Seeker or Advisor?
With a few clicks of a mouse, you can enroll online to become a Knowledge Seeker, Advisor, or both. After you enroll, search the profiles of other participants to locate a suitable connection and click on the "Request" button in their profile to initiate contact.

5. How often can I request to connect with an Advisor?
As often as you like! There are no limits to how many individuals you connect with through the Program, although Advisors can limit how many connections they have at one time. We are enrolling new advisors all the time, so check back often.

6. What kind of things can I ask my Advisor?
Advisors have indicated their skill strengths and knowledge areas in their profiles. Ideally, you’ll want to select an Advisor who has skills and knowledge that match up with your interest areas. Some possible topics might include career advice, input on a specific challenge, or understanding a complex issue.

7. What happens after the end of the 2-week matching period?
After the 2-week matching period concludes, mark the match complete in your profile and the Advisor will be available to help others. If you don’t need the full two-week period, you can mark the match complete as soon as you’re finished. 

8. What if I want to connect with my Advisor or Knowledge Seeker again in the future?
We certainly hope you are able to make career-long connections with the professionals you meet through the program. After your initial match is complete, we encourage you to maintain your new relationship through normal communication channels as you would with any other networking contact. However, both parties should mutually agree on whether they would like to continue with informal communications.

9. Can I utilize the program for sales prospecting?
Absolutely not. This violates our code of conduct. If you are approached by someone attempting to use the program for this purpose, please report the situation to info@sspnet.org.

10. As an Advisor, can I request a connection with a Knowledge Seeker if I think I can be of assistance?
Absolutely! Just like in-person events, making new connections online can be intimidating. Feel free to take the first step if you see a Knowledge Seeker you’d like to connect with.

11. Is it okay to reject a request?
Yes, but there should be a good reason to do so. If a potential Knowledge Seeker has misinterpreted information in your profile, you may find him/her to be an inappropriate match. We encourage you to at least have an initial conversation to explore whether the relationship would be mutually fulfilling. If you want to decline a request, go to the "My Quick Connect Relationships" page and check the “Decline” button next to the specific request.

12. What if I’m going to be on vacation or unavailable for a period?
Go to the "Enrollment" page, click the “Status” link then click on the check-box next to “Temporarily Not Participating.” Doing this will indicate that you are not accepting any requests at the moment, and your profile will not be included in a search. It is your responsibility to communicate your availability to your existing connections.

13. How do I end a Quick Connect relationship?
If the relationship is complete, go to the "My Quick Connect Relationships" page and mark the relationship as “Completed.” If the relationship isn't working out, please kindly discuss your decision to end the relationship with your Knowledge Seeker or Advisor.