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Step by step guide to writing compare and contrast essay

There are different types of essay writing. Each type has a great unique significance. In this article, students will learn about writing a remarkable compare and contrast essay. Essay writing is a genre of writing that has high importance in all educational institutes. Teachers consider it as a robust and reliable tool for assessing writing standards and knowledge on various topics.  It boosts confidence in students to discuss any topic. Students tend to ask professionals to write my paper.

Writing is a skill, and learning it is an easy task. All it needs is motivation, dedication, and determination from a writer. However, putting pen to paper is easy, but writing a persuasive, readable, and top-notch essay is not as easy as falling off a log. Simultaneously, students have to understand the fact that no rocket science is involved in writing an essay.

 There are some predefined rules by the best paper writing service for writing an essay. Students should survey those standards.


What is a compare and contrast essay?

It is a particular type of essay. In this essay, it is the utmost responsibility of a student to examine similarities and differences between two different subjects. It is a straightforward definition. If we look forward to the technical definition, we will come to know that it is not merely about comparing and contrasting two subjects; rather, it is way more than that.

In academic writing, this essay has high importance. Students have to highlight the hidden features, components, and characteristics of two different subjects. However, those subjects must fall under the same categories. For instance, an essay writer cannot examine similarities and differences between a car and a house. Both fall under different categories. However, a student can highlight subtle characteristics between a motorcycle and a bicycle, as both share the same category.

However, it is notable that a teacher may ask to share only the similarities or differences between the two subjects.


How to write a remarkable compare and contrast essay?

Writing comprehensive essays seems to be a daunting and tedious affair with several students. It happens because they don't have ample writing skills to express their knowledge. Sometimes, a student with extraordinary writing skills doesn't spend time gathering information about the assigned task. Consequently, he fails to put down sufficient informative material to read. Writing a compare and contrast essay is easy but technical as well. Students must follow the below-mentioned tips by essay writing service to write a splendid compare and contrast essay.


  1. A student must understand the assigned topic. Only then can he put his writing efforts in the right direction.
  2. He must also know about the targeted audience. That is their age, interest, and qualification, etc.
  3. Knowing about the purpose of writing this essay is essential. It is imperative to mention here that this essay urges students to highlight those features and characteristics that are not obvious.
  4. Students should do in-depth research to cover all aspects of the two subjects to be compared or contrast.
  5. A comparison or difference that a student highlights in the essay must have great significance for the reader. Highlighting similarities and differences should occur between two critical subjects. It should not be made between vague and naïve subjects. That's where paper writing service comes in handy.
  6. Moreover, both subjects should be linked to each other. Showing that link is the duty of a writer.
  7. Both subjects should be defined vividly and concisely so that a reader should know what he is reading and why.
  8. Writers should highlight the characteristics only. Examining the weak areas of both subjects is not encouraged in this essay.
  9. There is no space for emotions and feelings. So, students must not put down their personal opinions, recommend or suggest something. Their job is merely to explain the topic according to the requirement.
  10. Each similarity and difference should be mentioned in a separate paragraph.


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